The Beauty of Narborough, Norfolk.


During this lockdown ( of course every cloud has a silver lining ), it’s really opened my eyes to the local beauty and the wonderful scenes there are just on our door step. I guess i would never have discovered these little gems had we not had the time to go out and explore these beautiful places, tucked away and just out of sight!

Having moved up from Brighton in Sussex more than 2 years ago now to live with Gary and starting up our amazing business venture, in weddings, events, holidays, birthdays and corporate functions now known as Ash Tree Barns, I never thought I would find some where as beautiful as Sussex that would open my eyes as much as it has done here in the last few weeks!

Life has had its challenges ( of course starting up a new business being one of them ) but right now I feel blessed, for whilst only maintaining the place it gives us the opportunity to explore our beautiful local area. Having my wonderful family around me ( my 2 children are up from London and working remotely ), for the first time since they were young teenagers/adults ( and when they left home for university and their new lives ), I have been able to spend some beautiful quality time with them which I mostly didn’t have bringing them up as a single parent. Those times were pretty fraught, a house full of foreign students and lodgers helping to pay the bills and mortgage and be the best parent I could be to 2 young people! Any way, it seems like I didn’t do a too bad a job and now, after the craziness of all of that I can cherish and adore their qualities as young adults and have the time to finally laugh with the precious time we now share!

I guess to a degree this is what all this stuff is about! Bringing families closer together, stopping the usual busy routines and placing an opportunity to connect and have some fun and above all protect our lives and health as best we can and be great full for all the things we actually have and share!!….. The strong thoughts, ideas and possessions we so fiercely guard, pale in to insignificance when we realise how much they mean, or in fact don’t mean if we can’t share that with those that we cherish, love and hold dearly to us!!

On a final note, it’s really given us the time to appreciate what Ash Tree Barns means to others, when they have that well deserved quality time they have been so longing for!